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What is an Underutilized Estate Plan in Washington State?

When most people think of an estate plan, they tend to picture an older individual (usually past retirement age) putting a will together that names their intended beneficiaries and the types of property they intend to leave to each beneficiary upon their passing. Although a last will and testament is a valuable estate planning document in Washington state, it is merely one tool that supports your estate planning goals. The estate planning process encompasses a wide range of topics and decisions, from addressing your healthcare treatment preferences in the event of your sudden incapacity to assigning someone you trust the responsibility of caring for your underage child in the unlikely event of your passing.

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The Importance of Estate Planning for Younger Adults in Washington State

When most people hear the term “estate planning,” they tend to picture older individuals sitting down to write a will. While a last will and testament is an important component of an estate plan, it is just one element in a larger and more comprehensive plan that protects your future and legacy. Moreover, estate planning is not just for retirees or those who have accumulated a substantial amount of wealth—even younger adults benefit from putting an estate plan in place.

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