Is It Possible to Challenge Evidence in Felony Cases in Washington State?

When someone is accused of breaking the law in Washington, state prosecutors must provide evidence that proves the defendant is guilty of committing a crime. Evidence can take several forms, from witness testimony, text messages, photos, to breathalyzer test results, or forensic assessments of the scene where the alleged crime took place. However, several rules and procedures govern the presentation and admissibility of evidence in Washington criminal court proceedings. Additionally, the defendant and the criminal defense attorney have the opportunity to question the validity of the prosecution’s evidence or challenge its accuracy in order to weaken the state’s case against the defendant. If you have been arrested and charged with a felony offense in Camas, Vancouver, or Clark County, you should contact a dedicated and highly qualified criminal defense attorney as soon as possible to ensure your legal rights are protected at every turn. Turning to a reputable and established Vancouver criminal defense law firm for top-tier legal representation during this challenging time is essential for maximizing your chances of winning your criminal case. Let’s take a look at how your criminal defense lawyer can help you challenge the evidence presented by the prosecution, which could lead to reduced or dismissed charges.

Filing a Motion to Suppress Evidence

Evidence presented in criminal court cases must be obtained through legal means. For example, if a police officer subjected you to an illegal search without a valid warrant or without having probable cause to justify the search, your Vancouver criminal defense lawyer can file a motion to suppress this unlawfully obtained evidence. If the judge grants your attorney’s motion to suppress, the evidence in question cannot be used against you during the trial. In some cases, the prosecution’s case solely relies on unlawfully obtained evidence; once the judge orders the prosecution to toss out this tainted evidence, the remaining evidence may be insufficient to continue prosecuting the case against you. In our experience, this often leads to the dismissal of the entire case!

Objecting to the Evidence at Trial

Criminal cases adhere to a strict set of rules and procedures when it comes to what evidence can come “in,” and what evidence is kept “out.” Criminal rules, and developing case law, allow a resourceful and experienced criminal defense attorney to have several opportunities to successfully argue to suppress this evidence. It is truly the criminal defense attorney’s careful preparation and legal knowledge that enables their ability to keep certain evidence “out” and away from the jury.

Evidence suppression can be as simple as excluding “hearsay,” but a skilled criminal defense attorney looks to more fruitful items for suppression. Our firm has successfully suppressed prejudicial statements our clients have made to police, suppressed evidence obtained from unlawful searches, evidence from DUI/vehicular crimes, evidence of assault, photographs, financial evidence, and excluded key witnesses of the State’s from testifying. When you work with an experienced and reliable Camas criminal defense lawyer on preparing for your criminal trial, your dedicated legal advocate will leverage their arguments for evidence suppression as a key component of your trial strategy.

Start Your Felony Charge Defense Strategy Today

The evidence allowed to be presented at trial before a jury can make the difference between a finding of “Guilty” and “Not Guilty.” Once the Clark County Sheriff’s Office or Vancouver City Police Department has placed you under arrest, or you learn you are being investigated for a crime, that is when contacting the right criminal defense attorney becomes most important for your felony case. Contact a knowledgeable and trusted Vancouver criminal defense lawyer to ensure your legal rights remain protected at every turn.

If you or a loved one is facing misdemeanor or felony charges in Camas, Vancouver, or Clark County, you need reliable and skilled legal representation to protect your future. Call The Vern McCray Law Firm, PLLC, today at (360) 832-6262 to get started with a highly qualified and experienced criminal defense attorney.

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