The Importance of Estate Planning for Younger Adults in Washington State

When most people hear the term “estate planning,” they tend to picture older individuals sitting down to write a will. While a last will and testament is an important component of an estate plan, it is just one element in a larger and more comprehensive plan that protects your future and legacy. Moreover, estate planning is not just for retirees or those who have accumulated a substantial amount of wealth—even younger adults benefit from putting an estate plan in place.

Estate planning encompasses a wide range of topics, such as your preferences for healthcare interventions or treatments in the event of your sudden incapacitation or your plan for how your young children will be cared for if the unexpected happens to you and your spouse. It’s never too early to start planning for your future and installing protections to safeguard your growing family. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of getting a head start on your estate plan and how enlisting the guidance of an experienced Vancouver estate planning attorney can help you achieve your goals. 

What to Include in Your Estate Plan in Washington

Whether you are freshly out of college or you and your spouse have welcomed your first child, now is a great time to start putting a basic estate plan in place. Estate planning is not just for people in their 60s or 70s; anyone with a long-term partner, young children, or valued possessions can benefit from putting some foundational legal protections in place. If you have a young child, consider working with your estate planning lawyer to draft a last will and testament that appoints a legal guardian to care for your child in the unlikely event of your passing. As a parent, you want to trust that your children will be safe and cared for no matter what life may bring. A highly qualified Camas estate planning attorney can help you articulate your wishes and put the necessary legal protections in place to ensure that your loved ones will enjoy a bright and stable future. 

Planning for Medical Emergencies

An estate plan can also include an Advance Directive for Health Care. This document allows you to articulate your healthcare treatment preferences long before the need for such clarification arises. For instance, if you suffer an unexpected medical emergency that prevents you from making decisions or voicing your wishes, the Advance Directive for Health Care will provide guidance for healthcare workers. They can use this document to govern their treatment approach. You can also use a Power of Attorney document to designate a trusted individual to serve as your advocate in the event of your incapacity. Simply put, you can use your estate plan to prepare yourself and your loved ones for unexpected incidents and feel confident that your wishes will be understood and respected when the time comes.

How to Create an Estate Plan in Washington

Although the prospect of working on your estate plan may seem daunting, it can actually be a surprisingly empowering experience. Working with a dedicated and understanding Camas estate planning attorney can give you the clarity and confidence to protect your future and your loved ones. Adults of any age can enjoy the benefits of estate planning, especially as they can move forward with the knowledge that their loved ones will be protected and cared for, regardless of what lies ahead. 

If you are interested in learning more about your estate planning options in the Camas or Vancouver area, call The Vern McCray Law Firm, PLLC, today at (360) 834-6262 to discuss your goals with a dedicated and caring estate planning attorney.

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